Sunday, July 17, 2016

How to use FTP to upload Video & Images from NVR / DVR

1.You can use NVR FTP upload video file or image to FTP server or other storage device like NAS. Because FTP is a transfer protocol based on file, it will first make whole the file before the file been start transmitted. So you need to install a hard disk on you NVR. In addition, please check your FTP server limitation about file size, write file/folder authority, connection time.
1) NVR must install harddisk, because NVR first make the file and save on harddisk, then FTP client upload to server, Dropbox and email snapshot also need harddisk;
2) IP camera use ONVIF to connect NVR
3) Enable the channel motion detection and set the parameters on both IP Camera and NVR
4)  Enable motion detection record plan, because FTP is upload the video file on harddisk;
5) Enable FTP upload and set the correct setting

2.Setting FTP parameter:  
( * here introduce set FTP on NVR Webpage, you also can set it on NVR local GUI menu)
1)FTP upload video setting:

2)FTP upload alarm image setting:

3. Enable Motion Detection Alarm (both IP camera and NVR):  
4. Enable Motion Record Plan:  
Notes: if you dont need to upload alarm video, you dont need to set this setting.

5. Checking FTP Server
All setting been correctly finished, please restart the NVR, if all setting are OK, when there is video motion alarm, NVR will upload video or images to FTP server, if you use FileZilla Server as FTP server, you will can see the uploading progress:

FTP upload images & video files:

If you have any question or need help, please contact with Sysvideo technical engineer.

1. You first install hard disk;
2. You must enable record and snapshot plan;
3. You must set FTP parameter corretly;
4. If you need to use motion alarm snapshot, the IP camera also need to enable motion alarm and support ONVIF snapshot.

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